How YAVL Can help

We are trained support workers who talk with youth and concerned adults every day about bullying, gang activity, harassment, intimidation, sexual exploitation and many other issues.

Whatever the issue, however simple or complex, we know how to help. We'll tell you about the different types of services and programs available in your area - and what your choices are.

And, because the YAV Line is a multilingual service, we can talk to you in your language. We speak several different languages and when necessary, we use professional interpreters from CanTalk Canada.

Remember, everything you say is kept completely confidential and you remain totally anonymous.

What can I call the YAV Line about?

Call us anytime to:

- Stop a violent or criminal activity that you know is about to take place, such as a fight, robbery or drug trafficking.

- Give information about a violent or criminal activity that has already taken place to stop it from happening again.

- Get help with other issues you may be dealing with, such as gangs, bullying, harassment, intimidation, and sexual assault.

- Discuss anything else that is troubling you.

What happens when I call?

During any conversation, we will only ask questions that will help us better understand your situation and your specific needs:

- We will ask you to describe your situation.

- We will ask if you or someone you know is in immediate danger - and tell you to call 911 if you are (if you are unable or at all hesitant to contact the police yourself, we can do that for you - and you remain anonymous.)

- We will ask you which community you are calling from so we know which services to refer you to.

- We won't ask you for your name or address.

- We won't ask you for anyone else's name or address.